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IAPD Leadership Institute
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Session 2 - Webinar - Everyone Communicates-Few Connect, Thursday, June 16th - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

People aren't born with the ability to connect, nor does it develop by accident. Connection happens when people hone their skills and mine their experiences. Great communicators make the most of their background, personality, natural abilities and knowledge in order to engage an audience of one or many. This requires a deeper understanding of how to connect with people first before communicating.

Learning Transformations:

  • Increase effectiveness as a board member / professional by improving key communication skills.
  • Success starts with the ability to connect with people. Master the most important communication traits every leader must practice daily.
  • Credible leaders are master communicators. Learn steps to increase credibility. 

Registration Fee: $50 Members / $125 Non-Members (0.1 CEUs $6)

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Session 3 - Webinar- Transformational Leadership - Thursday, July 21st - 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

The corporate culture of government is much different than private business, and therefore the approach to leadership development must be different as well. This webinar will show how, through application of appropriate leadership skills at the right time, leaders can transform agencies through change.

Learning Transformations:

  • All leadership starts with behavior. In order to truly be transformational in your leadership, master your own behavior and help guide others to master theirs.
  • Learn the skills to effectively develop young talent within your agency and on your board.
  • Learn how to work within the system while developing an improved agency that meets the needs of a public that expects more from their government.

Registration Fee: $50 Members / $125 Non-Members (0.1 CEUs $6)

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Session 4 - Webinar - Leading Community Engagement - Thursday, August 18th - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

The public has always been actively involved at their local park district, forest preserve, conservation, recreation or special recreation agency. The public participation process sometimes goes smoothly, but at times fails to reach its intended goals for a variety of reasons. If the issue being discussed by the public is contentious, the dialogue can quickly turn heated if not managed properly. This webinar will focus on one of the most powerful techniques available in the public participation process. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is transformational in its approach to solving community challenges. When used properly, even the most ardent nay-sayers can see a vision differently.

Learning Transformations:

  • Participants will learn the practical application of AI and the power it has in bringing about change.
  • The public, when actively engaged, will deepen their appreciation for the services the agency brings to their lives and community.
  • Participants will develop the basic skill set needed to conduct a public meeting using the AI process. 

Registration Fee: $50 Members / $125 Non-Members (0.1 CEUs $6)

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Session 5 - Seminar - Leading Through Turbulent Times - Thursday, September 22nd - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Leading through turbulent times requires a more deliberate approach to facing changes that are out of our control. This seminar will teach each participant to think more deeply about the "why, what, and how" concerning the services they provide and inspire them to become innovative and creative in times of changing economic conditions.

Learning Transformations:

  • Quickly learn to recognize and address the new realities facing your agency.
  • Clarify your vision and re-position your agency with the proper balance of programs and services.
  • Learn to lead with confidence and invest in the talent within your agency. 

Registration Fee: $125 Members / $325 Non-Members (0.3 CEUs $6)

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