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IAPD Energy Program
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IAPD Energy Program

 You can get in control of your park district's electricity costs and energy budget today.

We are excited to announce that IAPD has entered into an agreement with Seven Utility Management Consultants, Ltd. (Seven) to provide a professional consulting service for the purchase of electricity and natural gas for our membership.

The goal of this agreement is to save money for all of our member agencies on your utility expenses. As such, we anticipate savings up to 20% by having the utilities professionally negotiated and managed on a full-time basis by Seven. With utility rates bouncing off of historically record lows, we are confident that Seven will be able to negotiate lower, long-term rates for each of our members, and, in most cases, a lower rate than what you are currently paying today.

Seven will negotiate with the top 18 electricity and the top 8 natural gas providers in the state by having them all bid on your utility business. In order to make rates even more competitive, some of our membership locations may be grouped together for bidding. However, each park district will always have individual energy contracts. Seven will share all of its pricing analysis (including all bids) and prepare an individualized summary bid offer sheet for each park district.

This program is a new IAPD membership benefit. There is absolutely NO COST to you for this service...and only lower energy prices to be gained.

Contact Dale Snyder, National Account Manager, at 501-835-3142  or to get your FREE price quote.

To date, Seven Utility Management Consultants has negotiated contracts and has saved the following amounts for these agencies:

  • Decatur Park District - $81,316 (27%) the first year and then $75,000 for the following two years on its electricity costs. Total savings $231,316
  • Quincy Park District - $21,245 (22%) a year for the next two years on its electricity costs. Total savings $42,490
  • Sterling Park District - $17,597 (5%) a year for the next three years on its electricity costs. Total savings $52,791
  • Geneva Park District - $14,781 (13.6%) a year for the next two years on natural gas costs. Total savings $29,562
  • Morton Park District - $6,364 (20.6%) a year for the next two years on its electricity costs. Total savings $12,728
  • Taylorville Park District - $5,923 (22.9%) a year for the next two years on its electricity costs. Total savings $11,846
  • Effingham Park District - $5,339 (13.4%) a year for the next three years on its electricity costs. Total savings $16,014
  • Washington Park District - $5,108 (16.85%) for the next year on its electricity costs.
  • Geneseo Community Park District - $4,338 (11.23%) for the next year on its natural gas costs.
  • Macomb Park District - $4,210 (16.6%) for the next three years on its electricity costs. Total savings $12,630
  • Kewanee Park District - $4,185 (17.17%) a year for the next three years on its electricity costs. Total savings $12,555
  • Oakbrook Terrace Park District - $2,829 (4.9%) for the next year on its electricity costs.
  • Northfield Park District - $1,600 (12%) for the next year on its electricity costs.

All of these figures are based on the same usage from previous years.

"Just wanted to let you know the Decatur Park District, with the assistance of Seven Utility Management Consultants, just entered into an agreement with Direct Energy to provide the District's electricity supply for the next 3 years. I appreciate IAPD doing the leg work to review and sort out the good, not-so-good and the bad utility consultants.

Additionally, to date, we have been real pleased with the work of Seven Utility Management Consultants. Dale Snyder has been our primary contact. Dale has done a really good job explaining the program, answering questions and with the help of other Seven Utility Management associates, securing excellent electric rates for the District going out 3 years."

Rodney R. Buhr, Chief Financial Officer, Decatur Park District

About Seven Utility Management Consultants, Ltd.
Seven - Utility Management Consultants, Ltd. is a professional Energy Consulting firm founded at the inception of Energy Deregulation in Houston, Texas, the Energy Capital of the World, by a group of Purchasing Consultants, Energy Consultants, Energy Aggregators, Energy Brokers, and experienced professionals.

Our background is in professional procurement. After holding several positions in procurement for large multinational corporations, our founders started J. Andrew Associates, Inc.,a fee based professional Purchasing and Cost Reduction Consulting Firm, in 1997.

When energy deregulated, we were asked over and over to negotiate energy contracts for our clients. Hence, the birth of Seven - Utility Management Consultants, Ltd. We now focus all of our efforts on the procurement and analysis of Energy... and we do it well!

We will:

  • Analyze the last 14 months of usage data. Your staff may not have the time or expertise to analyze themselves.
  • Correct any mischarges and have them credited back to you. (Our fee is 50% of whatever we recover. We run this through our parent company and have a separate agreement for this J. Andrew Associates, Inc. Agreement.)
  • Formalize a Procurement Strategy.
  • Prepare a formal Request for Quotation, including all pertinent information.
  • Send RFQ to the top Energy Companies in your market. (Approved Suppliers must meet our strict guidelines)
  • Analyze and evaluate the bids.
  • Present Executive Summary
  • Negotiate a contract, with the winning bidder, with the best terms and conditions available in the marketplace on your behalf. (You must execute the contract)
  • Present Client with Executable contract.
  • Ensure contract is properly executed and implemented by Supplier.
  • We manage your Energy on an ongoing basis! Once you become a client of Seven - Utility Management Consultants, Ltd., we will contact you on a quarterly basis to review all of your accounts. Should an opportunity exist to renegotiate your rates, we will do so —proactively! As a value add, our Energy Consultants will handle any and all matters related to your utility company... billing issues, address changes, location drops/adds etc.

*As your Energy Consultant, we will perform any task necessary throughout the term of your contract, so you can focus on your business!

 How to Buy Electricity – Taking the Mystery Out of the Market 

SPEND 30 minutes and SAVE your agency money! Click here to listen to How to Buy Electricity – Taking the Mystery Out of the Market Webinar presented by Tim Krajenke, Director of Midwest Office and Dale Snyder, Energy Consultant, National Accounts, Seven Utility Management Consultants, Ltd.  

With electricity and natural gas deregulation, you now have the power to choose your energy suppliers. There are so many suppliers to choose from, all claiming to be the best:

Which Supplier do you choose?

How do you compare confusing offers?

How do you manage this major expense?

This can be overwhelming to an agency.  Listen and understand how a consultant can assist and save your agency money.  There are many reasons why most contracts are negotiated through a consultant.  Many agencies do not have the staff who are knowledgeable in this area - they are not in the energy market on a frequent enough basis to stay abreast of the ever changing environment from a regulatory, a supply and demand event, or a market event that can create opportunities to capitalize on or the need to transfer risk back to the supplier.

About the presenters: Tim Krajenke is the Director of Seven's Midwest Office, and is also responsible for most of the day to day operations for the entire company, now that the founder has retired. Tim graduated with an MBA from Oakland University Michigan and also has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University, formerly General Motors Institute. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in customer service, contract negotiations, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. Once you meet Tim, you will understand the passion he brings to the team at Seven and all of the thousands of clients that they serve.

Dale Snyder, is an Energy Consultant, National Accounts.  Dale graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Economics and Marketing.  During his career, Dale’s broad study of economics and technical analysis has set him apart from his competition. He has brought these skills to the Energy Industry, to help companies manage their exposure to the ever increasing volatility in the energy markets, and to serve clients in the complex world of retail energy.  Within Seven, Dale has become the resident expert in energy, and speaks every week to their team about the various drivers of energy prices.

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