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Member Resources
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Member Resources
(Last Updated November 23, 2016)

This section includes valuable resources that the IAPD has developed as a benefit available exclusively to IAPD members. Click on the hyperlinks below to read more information and to download files.


Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act: The Current State of Law (2015)
Obamacare; Impacting Park Districts (2014)

Americans with Disabilities Act

Enforcing the ADA: Trends, Trials and Tips (2014)


Cybersecurity - Protecting Your Agency and Patrons (2016)


Restrictions on Election Activities of Public Officials and Employees

Energy Conservation Measures

Stormwater Management Issues (2016)
Doing More with Less: Turning Operational Dollars into Capital Funds


Ethical Requirements for Public Officials (2016)

Financial Procedures

Continuing Disclosure Undertakings - Is Your Agency Up-To-Date? (2016)
Your Financial Cycle - from B & A to Levy to Tax Objections (2016)
Help! I Need to do A Tax Levy (2015)
Tax Assessments Appeals, Tax Objectives & Tax Exemptions (2015)

First Amendment

Protest and Marches in Parks: First Amendment Issues in the Use of Public Parks & Property (2015)
"Time, Place & Matter" - Regulating Non-Traditional Speech (2015)

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act Recent Opinions and Court Decisions (2016)
FOIA v. Confidentiality - What the PAC Won't Tell You (2016)
Review of Sunshine Laws (2016)

FOIA - Refreesher and Recent Developments (2015)
IAPD Opposes the Release of Personal Information About Children
FOIA 2010: A Busy Year in Review
Ten Things We've Learned from the Attorney General's Decisions in the First Ten Months

Identity Protection Act

Model Identity-Protection Policy
Is Your Agency Using Social Security Numbers Legally?

Intergovernmental Cooperation

Intergovernmental Cooperation - Better Together (2016)
Intergovernmental Conflict and Cooperation (2014)
Intergovernmental Agreements: Getting the Best Deal for Your Side (2014)
Opportunities abound for Intergovernmental Cooperation

Labor & Employment

Dealing with Mandatory Criminal Background Checks of EEOC Guidelines (2016)
Director Contracts - Hiring and Exiting Contracts (2016)
Employee Medical Issues and Leaves: What to do? (2016)
Employment Law Update (2016)
Navigating the Maze of Employee Leaves of Absence (2016)
Termination of Public Employees: A Legal Primer (2016)

The Rapidly Evolving Law of Employee Protected Activities (2016)
What Commissioners Need to Know About Employment Litigation (2016)
Dealing with e-Cigarettes, Guns and Social Media Issues (2015)
Employment Law Update: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (2015)
Hot Topics in Employment Litigation - Ways to Reduce Your Exposure (2015)
Maneuvering Through the Disability Triangle: Workers Comp, ADA & FMLA (2015)
From Breastfeeding to Smoking Weed: Your Newest Obligation to Employees (2014)
Guns, Drugs and E-Cigarettes: How They Are Impacting Park Safety and Your Work Environment (2014)
Hiring and Firing: Reducing Litigation Expenses (2014)
Personnel Policy Manuals: Tips and Tricks to Make Less Litigation and Better Accountability in Your Manual (2014)
Employee v. Independent Contractor: A Critical Distinction

Lawn Care Products Application and Notice

Legal Requirements and Voluntary Programs

Liability and Risk Management

Parades and Festivals in Parks - Liability Issues, Recent Decisions (2016)
Staying Out of Litigation: When to Require Liability Waivers (2016)
Tort Immunity - Tips for Reducing Liability Exposure (2016)
Tort Immunity Act: Decisions and Developments (2015)
How to Avoid Litigation Issues: Learn to Not Step in Bear Traps (2014)
Protecting Your Agency Against Cyber Crimes (2014)

Model Code of Ordinances

Sample Ordinances

Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act

Model Soccer Goal Safety and Education Policy

Open Meetings Act

OMA-FOIA Refresher and Recent Developments (2016)
Aiding in the Conduct of the People's Business: Your Board Meeting and the Open Meetings Act (2015)
Model Remote Attendance Policy
A Practical Guide to the Open Meetings Act
Open Meetings Act Tips for Effective Leadership and Board Development
Free Electronic Training for Public Officials

Environmental Risks in real Estate Transactions (2016)
Land and Facility Acquisition: "From Start to Finish" (2016)
Guide to Buying and Selling Park District Property

Prevailing Wage Act 

An Overview of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Requirements

Public Funds Statement Publication Act

Sample Notice of Availability of Audit Report
Summary of Requirements

Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act

Summary of Requirements


Competitive Bidding and Contract Administration (2015)

Technology and Social Media

iGovern - Technology Use in the Public Sector (2016)
Park District Use of Social Media Navigating the Legal Landscape (2016)
Park District Use of Social Media: Navigating the Legal Landscape (2014)
Your Employees Are on Social Media: What Can You do About It? (2014)


Volunteers: Opportunity or Trouble? (2016)

Waivers and Releases

Staying Out of Litigation: When to Require Liability Waivers (2015)


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