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What's Your Story?
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What's Your Story?

During July, in conjunction with Parks and Recreation Month, IAPD is implementing the What’s Your Story? statewide campaign to collect and share positive stories about Illinois park and recreation agencies.

Check Out These Stories!

1. Bolingbrook Park District - Lifestyles Lifechangers Video
2. NWSRA - Meet Ashley Jones
3. NWSRA - Meet The Ausnehmers 
4. NWSRA - Meet The Houser Family 
5. NWSRA - Meet Joe O'Brien 
6. NWSRA - Meet John Terrelli 
7. NWSRA - Meet Susie Rateike
8. NWSRA - Meet Tim Hanlon 
9. Geneseo Park District - Brenda Bess - Senior Olympics 

We encourage you to share your stories in written or video form. Read more about IAPD's What's Your Story? submission guidelines!

Not sure what story to tell? Examples include:

  • A citizen who lost a substantial amount of weight and improved his or her health through participation in park programs or use of trails, etc.

  • A child who ‘came out of his or her shell’ after continued participation in park programs

  • A neighborhood that experienced positive changes because of a local park or other facility

  • A citizen who found a new appreciation for life through socializing with individuals at a park facility or program