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Best Green Practices
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Best Green Practices Award

The IAPD Best Green Practices Award is presented to a park district, forest preserve, conservation, recreation or special recreation agency that has taken the initiative to incorporate and encourage environmentally-friendly business practices and policies. The winning agency will have demonstrated practices that could include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Recycling and Solid-Waste Reduction - Agency consistently and conscientiously practices standard recycling of glass, plastic, aluminum, office paper, newspaper and cardboard. Agency makes extra effort to properly dispose of or re-purpose items that are not as commonly recycled, for example batteries, construction materials and electronics.
  • Education and Advocacy - Agency provides programs or opportunities for the continued education of employees in green practices. Agency provides education and outreach to help citizens and/or local businesses engage in environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Conscientious Purchasing - Agency purchases recycled, renewable or non-toxic supplies and materials.
  • Green Building - Agency builds property to conserve resources and/or incorporate recycled products.
  • Conservation - Alternative Transportation: Agency makes a strong effort to reduce energy used in transportation by encouraging bicycle riding or walking to work, establishing carpooling programs or using high-efficiency or alternative fuel vehicles, etc.
    • Energy Conservation: Agency makes a proactive effort to reduce building energy use or use of renewal resources. This can include upgrading building systems, use of compact fluorescent bulbs, winterizing windows, use of energy-efficient appliances, etc.
    • Materials Conservation: Agency makes a proactive effort to reduce materials used including paper, coffee cups, disposable utensils, paper towels, etc.

There is a $35 processing fee for each nomination. You will need to submit two documents for this nomination. The first is a full description of the nomination, not to exceed 750 words. This full description should be a detailed explanation of the agency's efforts to 'Go Green.' The second document is a condensed summary of the nomination, not to exceed 200 words. This condensed summary is how you would present your nomination to an audience. These two documents must be submitted via e-mail to as .pdf attachments in the following format:

  • Times New Roman or Arial Font
  • 12 point font size
  • Agency name, nominated business name and award nomination title centered at the top of the page
  • Contact name, phone number and e-mail address centered at the top of the page
  • Single spaced
  • Agency logo attached as a .JPEG, .TIFF or .EPS file with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi.
  • Supportive materials including newspaper clippings, photos, etc. (not to exceed 5 pages or 5 attachments) must be e-mailed as .pdf attachments. NOTE: No hard copy supportive materials will be accepted for this award. All submissions must be sent electronically.

All nominations must be received by NOON on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2018. Agencies must be IAPD members in order to apply.