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Good Sportsmanship
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IAPD Good Sportsmanship Award

This award recognizes the efforts of citizen volunteers who are coaches for park district, recreation or special recreation agency youth athletics including, but not limited to, basketball, baseball, indoor and outdoor soccer, softball, hockey, and volleyball. This award is not intended for a park district or recreation agency, but rather a volunteer or coach within an agency's sports program. This volunteer or coach has displayed (but is
not limited to) the following qualities:

  • Good sportsmanship at all times
    • Teaches individual skills for all players
    • Teaches team skills and teamwork
    • Teaches the team to play hard and fair regardless of the score

  • Exemplary leadership skills
    • Leads parents in positive teaching, cheering, encouragement and discipline
    • Promotes a healthy relationship among the team, fans and parents
    • Creates a "fun by playing the sport" atmosphere for players, fellow teams, parents and fans
    • Creates healthy competition among the players and opposing teams
    • Involves parents in the coaching process from assisting with drills to planning team events, such as team parties and after-game snacks

There is a $35 processing fee for each nomination. You will need to submit two documents for this nomination. The first is a full description of the nomination, not to exceed 750 words. This full description should be a detailed explanation of the contributions the nominee has made to your agency. The second document is a condensed summary of the nomination, not to exceed 200 words. This condensed summary is how you would present your nominee's accomplishments to an audience. These two documents must be submitted in the following format:

  • Times New Roman or Arial Font
  • 12 point font size
  • Agency name, nominated business name and award nomination title centered at the top of the page
  • Contact name, phone number and e-mail address centered at the top of the page
  • Single spaced
  • Agency logo attached as a .JPEG, .TIFF or .EPS file with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi.
  • Photo of nominee attached as a .JPEG, .TIFF or .EPS file with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi
  • Supportive materials including newspaper clippings, photos, etc. (not to exceed 5 pages or 5 attachments) must be e-mailed as .pdf attachments. NOTE: No hard copy supportive materials will be accepted for this award. All submissions must be sent electronically.

All nominations must be received by NOON on FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2019.

Agencies must be IAPD members in order to apply.