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Illinois Park District Liquid Asset Fund Plus (IPDLAF+)

IPDLAF+ offers its participants a professionally managed portfolio with a competitive money market rate and unlimited checkwriting privileges. The Fund stresses "safety of principal" as the number one objective and has earned a AAAm* rating by Standard & Poor's.

Additional fixed income investment products are available through the Investment Adviser to assist IPDLAF+ participants in seeking to maximize results.

Contact Michelle Binns at (312) 523-2428 or for more informationor visit the IPDLAF+ website at

*The AAAm rating is given when safety is excellent.  There is superior capacity to maintain principal value and limit exposure to loss.

Illinois Park District Liquid Asset Fund Plus
c/o PFM Asset Management LLC
PO Box 11760
Harrisburg, PA 17108-11760

If you have any questions, please call your Fund Representative at 1-800-731-6830 or directly at 312-977-1570.