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Purchasing Card
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Purchasing Card

What are Purchasing Cards?

  • They look and operate similar to credit cards.
  • They DO NOT carry a revolving line of credit.
  • Usage and authorization parameters can be reviewed and managed via the Internet by district administration.
  • Individual card limits can be established per transaction, per month or per vendor.

Purchasing Card Objectives

  • Obtain goods and services when needed.
  • Streamline the buying process.
  • Reduce acquisition expenses.
  • Control maverick purchases.
  • Control contractor/vendor usage.
  • Cash rebates.

For more information, contact Michelle Binns at

Who issues a Purchasing Card?
Once a public entity signs up for the Purchasing Card program, Harris Bank, IL will establish a monthly credit limit based on a two-month anticipation spending and issue individual MasterCards (in the name of the cardholders) with billing directly to the district.

What are some ways the districts can use the Purchasing Card?
Districts can use the Purchasing Card for community education, food service, supplies, leases, travel and expense claims, fleet usage, telephone usage, grants and utilities. Districts can offer payroll cards to seasonal, part-time and unbanked employees.

What does the Purchasing Card replace?

  • Purchase orders.
  • Use of personal cards.
  • Travel and expense claims.
  • Petty cash.
  • Service orders.

Purchasing Card Benefits:  For the Card Holder

  1. Cost-free payment mechanism.
  2. District purchasing card issued in the name of the cardholder and billed to the district.
  3. Ability to restrict merchant category codes and spending limits for each cardholder.
  4. Comprehensive on-line management reports.
  5. Improved access to suppliers and materials (walk-in purchases, telephone, internet).
  6. Obtain goods and services when needed.
  7. Opportunity to save $$$.
  8. On-line access to all cardholder's accounts 24/7.
  9. Rebate on 100% of dollars spent.
  10. MasterCard misuse protection of $100,000 per cardholder, per incident (minimum 5 cards).

Purchasing Card Benefits:  For the Suppliers

  1. Receive payment within 48 hours of submitting the transaction to the bank.
  2. Streamline their administrative functions via the elimination of invoices and the consolidation of receivables.
  3. Meet the requests of their clients, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and build better partnerships with their customers. The result is additional sales revenues.